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Charon's Toll Bonus Days


Reason for Mourning or Celebrating

January 5th

Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to Yankees in 1920.

February 3rd

Buddy Holly dies in plane crash in 1959.

March 15th

Julius Caesar assassinated - Ides of March. 

April 15th

Hard-Earned Wages Confiscation Day (100 points awarded for current and former politicians)

April 30th

Adolph Hitler commits suicide in 1945.

May 5th

Napoleon Bonaparte dies in 1821.

June 25th

General Custer killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876

July 22nd

Uday and Qusay Hussein killed in 2003.

August 4th

Marilyn Monroe commits suicide in 1962.

September 3rd

Ho Chi Minh dies in 1969.

October 31st


November 22nd

John F Kennedy assassinated in 1963.

December 8th

John Lennon killed by David Chapman in 1980.