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Amendments & Proposals for the 2004 season

Always looking forward. This page contains suggestions to be considered at the 2004 Winter Meeting. Feel free to email anything you'd like to suggest to me and I'll add it to this page.

  1. Minor League Draft (Charlie Wagner) - Limit the number of rounds in the Minor League draft to 2 or 3 picks...Why should a team have the ability to trade away or waive their entire minor league roster and draft a new, complete roster of players?
  2. Minor League Draft (Charlie Wagner) - Expand the size of the minor league roster to 12-15 players...Allow teams to draft young players and allow them to develop.
  3. Minor League Draft (Charlie Wagner) - Create a Low Minor League System. Each team would have a Low ML System that contains only players in Developmental, Rookie, Low A, A and High A levels. Once the player reaches AA, he would have to be moved to the regular ML roster.
  4. Last Place vs. First Place (Charlie Wagner) - The first place team gets to name the last place team for the following year.