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2005 Shepherds of Fury

The Batters

Todd Greene - Colorado Rockies - $0.20

Greene returns for his second season as a Fury backstop. If rookie starter JD Closser falters, Greene should post some pretty decent numbers at Coors Field. Last year he hit 0.282 with 10 homers in 185 AB. I expect to reach similar numbers this season as well.

TQStats Projection: 0.265 - 24 - 11- 31- 0

C Mike Matheny - San Francisco Giants - $0.20 - 1st year

Mike Matheny will bat at the end of a Bonds-less offense. He never puts up good numbers but what do you expect for twenty cents.

TQStats Projection: 0.240 - 33 - 5 - 43 - 0


Albert Pujols - Saint Louis Cardinals - $4.50 - 2nd year

With Bonds out of action, Prince Albert is probably the most feared hitter in the National League. Pujols will post monster numbers as long as he stay healthy. He'll provide most of the Fury's power numbers unless we can get another big bat.

TQStats Projection: 0.336 - 125 - 45 - 127 - 5


Jose Reyes - New York Mets - $2.60 - 1st year

Reyes should easily surpass the 31 steal projection by TQStats. He had 19 steals in only 220 AB last year. With a much improved line-up behind him, Reyes should easily reach 500 AB this year. I'm hoping for at least 40 steals with a chance at 50 if he stays healthy.

TQStats Projection: 0.270 - 78 - 6 - 41 - 31



Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves - $3.10 - 1st year

Chipper is back at thirdbase and is primed for a huge year. He's healthy and happy and will bat in the heart of the line-up. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chipper hit 30-35 homeruns with a 0.300+ batting average.

TQStats Projection: 0.287 - 85 - 26 - 102 - 4



Ryan Freel - Cincinnati Reds - $0.50 - 2nd year

Super-sub Ryan Freel's value depends on how much playing time he gets. Freel will see time at 3B and in the outfield. There are also rumors that he may end up as the Reds starting secondbaseman. In any case, he should get at least 400 AB and 30 steals.

TQStats Projection: 0.273 - 69 - 5 - 36 - 33


Jeff Cirillo - Milwaukee Brewers - $0.50 - 1st year

Alright, I have no idea what I was thinking. Cirillo is a utility guy at best. If he is released to sent to the minors, I'll have to dump him.

TQStats Projection: None

3B Garrett Atkins - Colorado Rockies - $0.50 - 1st year

Atkins will be part of the Fury's opening day roster. He a hitting machine and an impact player who will use the thin air of Colorado to challenge for Rookie of the Year honors. At fifty cents, Atkins will likely be a keeper until he has to be released in three years.

TQStats Projection: 0.288 - 61 - 13 - 63 - 0


Jose Valentin - Los Angeles Dodgers - $0.40 - 1st year

Jose Valentin was probably the biggest steal for the Fury this year. There aren't too many power hitting shortstops in the NL. He's getting a little old but will be a keeper at forty cents if he can hit 20+ homers.

TQStats Projection: 0.232 - 69 - 22 - 70 - 7

SS Royce Clayton - Arizona Diamondbacks - $0.20 - 1st year

Clayton is your typical cheap middle infielder. Don't expect too much from him and you won't be disappointed. I hope to see a dozen steals from him and about 75 runs.

TQStats Projection: 0.242 - 63 - 8 - 46 - 9


Mike Cameron - New York Mets - $1.60 - 1st year

A 20-20 guy with 30-30 potential. All he needs is to stay healthy and quit whining. I'm not betting on either for the whole year but, for a buck sixty, he could be a hell of a bargain.

TQStats Projection: 0.253 - 76 - 22 - 77 - 22

OF Dave Roberts - San Diego Padres - $2.50 - 1st year

Roberts return to the NL means plenty of steals for the Fury. If he can get on base at a reasonable pace, fifty or even sixty steals are a possibility. Having Klesko, Giles, Nevin & Loretta in the line-up could mean triple-digit runs as well.

TQStats Projection: 0.256 - 72 - 4 - 40 - 48


Matt Lawton - Pittsburgh Pirates - $2.20 - 1st year

Lawton was a 20-20 guy last year. With a week line-up behind him, I think 80 runs is about all I can expect for this lead-off hitter. If he gets the green light, he may get more than 20 steals though.

TQStats Projection: 0.262 - 82 - 17 - 60 - 16


Raul Mondesi - Atlanta Braves  - $0.50 - 1st year

Raul will bat 5th for the Braves this year. I'm hoping that he can return to the form that made him a 30-30 threat every year. Chances are that he'll end up with a 15-15 or maybe 20-20 type season. He should get for more RBI than the 49 that TQStats projects.

TQStats Projection: 0.256 - 57 - 15 - 49 - 13


Brian Jordan - Atlanta Braves  - $0.20 - 1st year

Jordan will bat right behind Mondesi and just ahead of Estrada. He hasn't played more than 66 games in the past two years. If he can stay healthy at 38, it'll be a miracle.

TQStats Projection: 0.276 - 47 - 11 - 51 - 2


Orlando Palmiero - Houston Astros  - $0.50 - 1st year

Palmiero should get some playing time until Lance Berkman returns. After that, he'll be on the pine.

TQStats Projection: 0.259 - 24 - 2 - 17 - 2

The Pitchers

Greg Maddux - Chicago Cubs - $1.70 - 1st year

Greg Maddux must be 80 years old by now. Doesn't seem to matter. He posts a nice WHIP and ERA every year. Won't help too much in strikeouts though.

TQStats Projection: 14-10-0 - 141 - 4.05 - 1.250

SP John Lieber - Philadelphia Phillies - $1.50 - 1st year

I have to find a new picture of Lieber. Just can't handle that Yankee cap on my website. 

TQStats Projection: 13-8-0 - 124 - 4.11 - 1.200


Doug Davis - Milwaukee Brewers - $0.50 - 2nd year

Doug Davis is one of three Brewer pitchers on my staff. That's right - three. It's going to be a long season.

TQStats Projection: 10-13-0 - 148 - 3.88 - 1.374

SP Chris Capuano - Milwaukee Brewers - $0.20 - 1st year

Capuano isn't a bad bargain for twenty cents. On another team, he could win 15 games. He won't this year but he may win a dozen and strikeout 160.

TQStats Projection: 8-11-0 - 128 - 4.56 - 1.333


Tomo Ohka - Montreal Expos - $0.20 - 1st year

Another guy who won't win many games. He's has decent stuff but the Nationals won't bee any better this year than the Expos were last year.

TQStats Projection: 8-10-0 - 111 - 3.84 - 1.347

SP Victor Santos - Milwaukee Brewers - $0.20 - 1st year

Santos did a fine job for me last year. He's not going to win the Cy Young but he should have better than a 5.27 ERA. I'm expecting about 4.60 with a 1.35 WHIP and 120 K's.

TQStats Projection: 6-11-0 - 93 - 5.27 - 1.489


Kyle Davies - Atlanta Braves - $0.10 - 1st year

Kyle Davies should and a stellar year and star in the All-Star Game, in AAA. He will probably get a look late in the season after the Marlins and Phillies fold again. This guy is a keeper for 2006 and I'm very happy to make some room for him on my reserve roster.

TQStats Projection: 5-3-0 - 60 - 4.16 - 1.350

RP Guillermo Mota - Florida Marlins - $1.00 - 3rd year

Mota won the closer job after years as a fine set-up man. He'll get at least 30 saves for the Marlins this year. As a third year guy, I'm not opposed to trading him for a high strikeout starter.

TQStats Projection: 4-3-34 - 75 - 3.18 - 1.141


Danny Graves - Cincinnati Reds - $1.50 - 2nd year

Danny Graves stunned the baseball world simply by keeping his job last year. With Ryan Wagner waiting in the wings he'll have to pitch well. If he does, look for a healthy Red line-up to give him a chance for 35-40 saves again this year.

TQStats Projection: 3-5-35 - 42 - 3.99 - 1.357


Ricky Bottalico - Milwaukee Brewers - $0.40 - 1st year

My fourth Brewer pitcher, Bottalico looked like a long-shot saves candidate on draft day. Things are looking up now though. The Brewers may use a bullpen by committee or Bottalico could win the closer job outright. If he does, look for 20 saves and a sub 4.00 ERA.

TQStats Projection: 4-4-4 - 60 - 4.11 - 1.429


Roberto Hernandez - New York Mets - $1.50 - 1st year free agent

Another oldie but pretty-goodie. Hernandez may get some cheap wins in 8-7 type ballgames. We're hoping he can get a few cheap saves along the way as well. TQStats doesn't agree but what the hell do they know?

TQStats Projection: 2-2-0 - 33 - 4.20 - 1.533

The Farm System

Chris Nelson - Colorado Rockies

The Rockies first round pick in 2004 (ninth overall), Nelson impressed everyone with his play for Casper in the Pioneer League. He'll start the season playing A-ball and I'd be surprised if he doesn't get a late call from AA. He is already ranked ahead of highly touted rookies Atkins, Closser, Hawpe and Barmes as well as Jorge Pierda, Jeff Salazar and Choo Freeman. Draws comparisons to Gary Sheffield.


Ryan Harvey - Chicago Cubs

The Cub top pick in 2003, Harvey has impressed so far. Taken out of Dunedin (FL) High School with the sixth pick overall, this 6'5" five-tool slugger will slowly advance through the Cub organization. Expect to see him late in the 2007 season. 


Corey Hart - Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have been moving very slowly with Corey Hart. He spent 2000 and 2001 in Ogden of the Pioneer League, started 2002 in A-High Desert before moving to AA-Huntsville. Back in Huntsville, Hart won the Southern League MVP. Hart moved from firstbase to thirdbase to outfield. He did well in AAA-Indianapolis last year and will start there again in 2005. Look for a mid-season call-up.


Cole Hamels - Philadelphia Phillies

If Hamels can keep from breaking his hand on the heads of drunks, he'll be fun to watch in AA-Reading this year. His pitches are all major league quality and he's still one of the top three minor league prospects (behind Scott Kazmir and former Shepherd Gavin Floyd).


Philip Humber - New York Mets

The third overall pick in 2004, Humber struck out 154 (vs 37 walks) in 115 innings for Rice. His sinking fastball, 11-5 curveball, change-up and mound presence are all considered major league ready. He'll be in AA-Binghamton by the end of June so start scouting the R-Phils schedule now. This is going to be fun.


Richie Gardner - Cincinnati Reds

Gardner was the Reds Minor League Player of the Year in 2004. Picked in the sixth round of the 2003 season, Gardner has advanced quickly and will begin the year in AAA. His 13 wins between A-Potomac and AA-Chattanooga lead the organization. The Reds may give him a look late this year.


Macay McBride - Atlanta Braves

Macay struggled after being called up to AA-Greenville but still registered 102 strikeouts in 103.3 innings. He is likely to start the season in Greenville again but could be promoted early if he pitches well. McBride was the Braves top pick in the 2001 draft.