FREE Internet access, email, webspace, graphics, sounds and other goodies

FreeWWWeb- Totally free internet service with out any banner ads! Gives you free email address but not newsgroups. Totally free internet service. Has 1" banner ad. Gives free email and newsgroup access
WorldSpy- Another free service with a banner ad with email. Had trouble with the newsgroup server.
Free AltaVista- Free service from AltaVista. Banner ads and email, no newsgroups.
DotNow- Free service. Haven't tried yet.
NetZero- Free access with banner ad and email. No newsgroups. Program had a major bug. I'm told that it's been fixed.

Yahoo! Mail- There are lots of free email providers. Quite a few offer POP access. Yahoo! is the best.
Hot Mail- Free email with POP access. Very popular.
Crosswinds- More free email with POP access.

Tripod- 11MB of free space for homepages. Lot of handy tools, cgi-bin, guestbooks and links as well. My home on the web.
GeoCities- 15MB of free space for homepages. I've got a page here as well.
AngelFire- More free space for your homepage.
Link Exchange- Earn money with you website.
Other stuff for your website - Free JavaScripts | FreePolls | Net Votes | MisterPoll | Free Message Boards | Webcaddy | Looksmart's Beseen

ICQ- An absolute must. Allows you to send instant messages, chat, etc. Everyone's got it.
Real Audio Player- Get live radio feeds through your PC. Great for picking up sportscasts from far off cities.
Alexa- Tracks your web surfing and suggests similar sites. Not too bad, not great either.
NetSonic- Internet Accelerator. Haven't tried it myself. Heard it works well. My favorite FREE page. Very well organized. Newest stuff listed first.
The Free Site- A Great page. Quality stuff only. No junk here. The BIG collections of free stuff. Too crowded for me.
ZDNet- Another huge download site.
More free software sites - Volition Free Stuff | Conducent | Cascoly Software - Free Games

WavBazaar!- The place to go for WAV files.
The Midi Farm- Great collection of MIDI files.
Free MP3 Net- Lots of free MP3 sites. There are probably better ones, but I'm no expert.
More free music - FileCity - Midi Files | Audio Highway MP3's | MP3 Direct Download | Spinners | MTV MP3's

Free Graphics- My first choice when hunting for graphic files. The Free Site (above) has links to other great sites.
Animated GIF Files- Pages and pages of GIF files doing their thing.
Animated Gif Archive- Many, many animated GIF files. Very slow loading.
Horror Graphics- For those of you who like the lighter side of life (and death).

Search Engines, Directories, Information and Research Sites

Alta Vista- The best search none. Easy to use, fast and accurate.
Yahoo!- Huge and well organized.
Infoseek- Very fast.
Excite- Very popular. Not bad.
Hot Bot- Same as Excite.
Lycos- See above.
The Mining Company- If it's out there, these guys'll dig it up.
Other engines Internet Sleuth | WebCrawler | 1Blink | Locate | Web Taxi | Dog Pile | Northern Light | 2Q Quick Quest | Fly Catcher | Highway 61 | Mamma | Surfy | Scour | Meta Crawler |
Deja News | Free NNTP Servers | AT&T's Any Who | KnowX: Do backround checks on your friends! | Four11 | Cyber 411 | Vital Records Information for United States | | High School Alumni | | SARC - Computer Virus Encyclopedia | The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology | THOMAS: Library of Congress | AP Wire - Politics | Pennsylvania Constitution | U.S. Government Executive Branch Websites | Maps-On-Us | Map Quest | TerraServer| Historical Maps | Databases | Info Beat | Info Please | Online Magazines | US Newspapers/Dailies | 800 numbers | Internet Movie Database | Kelley Blue Book Values | Asta La Vista | Publically Accessible Mailing Lists | | Tipz Time | 700+ Great Sites | Links to Everything | Surfing Links | Boomis Rings | Bookmarks by Ralph

My Favorite Sites
This is the great American gas boycott headquarters
THOMAS: Library of Congress | eBay | PriceLine | EggHead | Junk Science | The Skeptic's Dictionary | Darwin Awards Official Home Page | WebTender | The Onion | | Star Wars | 700+ Great Sites | Babelfish Translator | Oldies 98 | US Newspapers/Dailies | AudioNet - Broadcast Network | Springfield Brewing Company | Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator

Food & Drink
Global Gourmet | Copy Kat | Top Secret Recipes on the Web | My Cookbook | Meals Online | Kimchee recipes | The Wine Authority | WebTender | The Real Beer Page | Big Al's Big Beer Page

Sports (other than baseball)
CNN/SI Scoreboard | Dallas Cowboys | NFL Home Page | Monday Night Football | Fantasy Football Advisor | Who Do I Start?
Top Rank Boxing | Boxing Online | Boxing Wise Website | Muhammad Ali: The Greatest | Another Muhammad Ali Page
Aston Villa Football Club | Reading Rage Soccer Team
Sports Quotes | Sandbox | Tank's Air Hockey | Tank McNamara's Sports Jerk of the Year | Sports Radio Broadcast Page | Splatter! The Poconos Ultimate Paintball

Cards, Flowers, Jokes & Entertainment
The Onion | Joke A Day | Off the Mark | CONK! Daily - Humor in the News Shakespearean Insulter | The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter | How to keep an idiot busy | ICQ Inc. - Butt Kicking | Virtual Flowers | Hallmark Cards | Blue Mountain Arts | 123 Greetings | Message Mates | Jedi Net | World Charts Foundation | Acronyms & Emoticons | Bowdlerised Dictionary of Internet Abbreviations | What the heck does "Miss American Pie" mean? | What does your phone number spell?

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Legal & Medical
Law Office | The Law Engine | Self-help Law Center | Web MD | Dr. Koop's Community | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention |

Pennsylvania, Reading, Berks & Schuylkill County Links
Reading, | Reading Town | Berks County, PA | BerksNet Home Page | Berks Alive | MABC | Berks County Chamber of Commerce | Reading Eagle/Times Newspaper | Reading Phillies | Reading Rage | The State Museum of Pennsylvania | Reading Public Museum | Reading Symphony Orchestra | Pennsylvania's Trail of History | Berks Historic Sites | Hawk Mountain Sanctuary | Yuengling Brewery | Coal Regions | Albright College | Alvernia College | Kutztown Universary | Weather for Reading | BerksCable Prevue |

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