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Homeschool Sites

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Separation of School & State

Homeschool Social Register

National Home Education Research Institute

School is Dead, Learn in Freedom

Eclectic Homeschool Online

Home Schooling Information and Services

Family Learning Organization

Home Educators Hideaway

Exodus 2000

The Homeschool Zone


Home Crusaders Online Homeschool Site

Home's Cool Homeschool & Family

The Teaching Home

Family Education Network

Family Unschoolers Network

Education Otherwise

Home Sweet Homeschool

The Homeschool Highway to Learning

Crosswalk Homeschool

Homeschool Digest  

Homeschool Fun Magazine

Home Education Magazine

Homeschool Swap Page

Alternative Education Resource Organization

African-American Homeschoolers Network
Homeschool with the Web

$ HomeTaught $

$ A Heart For Home $


Homeschool Resources & Links

Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Resources

Homeschool Sites for every state

Top HomeSchool Web Sites

American Montessori Consulting

Regional and World Wide Homeschooling Homeschool Plus

Timberwolf Homeschool Resources

Lytingale's Homeschool & Educational


Open Mind Open Heart Resources

Donna Young's Homeschool Resource Website



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Homeschooling Resource Links

Free Homeschool Schedules

Free Homeschool Treasures

Homeschool Your Child for Free!


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PAVCS Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, A K12 Internet Academy

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

Pennsylvania Home Education Network

PHMC Home page

Pennsylvania Homeschooling

PA Homeschooling Helps

Forrest Family Homeschool


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Very Best Kids

Lego Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans at PBS

RandomHouse Teacher's Guides

Nick Jr Lesson Plans

World Book Education Guide

Lesson Plan Creator

Robert Krampf's Links





Scope & Sequence

World Book - Course Studies by grade level

Core Knowledge

Scope & Sequence



Cafi Cohen's Homeschool Teens and College

College PowerPrep Colleges that admit Homeschoolers


2002 Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid


Free or Inexpensive Software

SuperKids Educational Software Review

Education Clearinghouse

$ Planner & Portfolio Software $ $ Creation Engine $

Edicom's URL and Software Resource Center

Enchanted Learning Kids Domain - Freeware Microsoft Office with Home



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The Halls of Academia

The Eduzone

Perpetual Preschool

Awesome Library

Online Educator

Scholastic - Teachers

Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage

The Center for Learning

The Essay Organization

Houghton Mifflin Eduplace

McDougal Littell Learning On-Line

Study Web

Pink Monkey test preparation

Sites for Teachers

Homework Help






U.S. History

American History Curriculum

North American History

Civil War Home Page

Civil War Net

Lewis & Clark

Pennsylvania's Trail of History

The American Revolution

Schuylkill County Genealogy And History


World History & World Cultures

History of the World Links

Today in History

Historical Periods and Topics

Social Studies Resources

This Week in History

The History Channel

Ancient & Lost Civilizations

African Civilizations

The Labyrinth: Medieval Studies

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

Civilizations in Africa

Medieval World

Ancient History Lesson Ideas

Nations of the World



History Orb




World Factbook

Geography World

Outline Maps

World Atlas

Educational Explorers Geography

Blank Outline Maps

Puzzles Of The Earth

The Postcard Geography Project

The Map Store's free maps

  50 States and Capitals

Maps On Us





Science Daily Magazine

Home & School Science Center

Robert Krampf's Science Experiments

Explore Science

Electronic Zoo Home Page

Beakman's World


Welcome to How Stuff Works

Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive

Kids Earth and Sky

? Athena, Earth and Space Science for K-12 ?

Science Fair Projects

Volcano World

Volcano Models

IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Insect-World Front Page

Dinosaur Database

Project LABS

Solar System Simulator

Visible Human Projects

First 9 Months


Space Day

Astronomy Lessons


Clinical Chemistry Software

The Flying Turtle


Free Science Links



A+ Math

Math Stories

Ask Dr. Math

Do Math!

Math League

Moving With Math

Natural Math

Math in Daily Life


Math Guide

Educational Explorers Math

Mathematically Correct

Mathematics Index

Mathwright Library

Interactive Calculator

Cubic Science - Math Links

Homeschool Math

Primary Math

Math Goodies: Interactive Math Lessons

Mathematics Lesson Plans

Suzanne Alejandre: Math Lessons

MathSphere Worksheets

RHL School Math Worksheets


Internet Educational Workbook

MathWork - Worksheet Generator

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles

Virtu-Software Problem of the Week

Virtu-Software Articles for Math Educators


Computer Programming

Computer Programming for the Homeschooler

Mr. Webster's Computer Science Class

Qbasic Tutorial

Computer Links - Home Sweet Homeschool


$ Computer Science Lab $



The Grammar Lady Online

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Hyper Grammar

High School Grammar

Grammar Grabbers

Grammar Help & Links

English Teachers File

Dr. Ed Vavra

$ Grammar Dog $


Spelling, Vocabulary & Handwriting

100 Words High School Graduates Should Know

Vocabulary Training

Basic Handwriting


Literature & Book Lists

First Steps: parents and children and reading

Writing Strands - Materials for Homeschoolers

1000 Good Books

K-12 Lesson Ideas for Literature

Reading A-Z Lesson Plans

Ambleside Online Curriculum - Book List

Children's Literature - Resources for Teachers

Language and Literacy  

Kid Source Book List

The Moonlit Road

American Literature

Lists of Classics, Eastern and Western

Children's Literature Web Guide

Literature & Poetry Page

Book Hive

Young Readers - a Chapter a Day

Humanities Software

Books for High School Boys

Stories and Fairy Tales Theme Page

MythWeb - Greek Mythology

Reading Lists by Grade Level

Regional Folklore and Mythology

The Encyclopedia Mythica

Education for Kids - Reading Lists
Illustrated Alphabet

Guide to Historical Novels & Tales

Summer Reading Lists

$ Grace & Truth Books $

Wired for Books - Kid's Corner

? Inkspot: Writing Resource ?



Philosophy Reference




Arts & Crafts

Kinder Art

Homeschool Arts

Free Art Ideas


Explore Art

Free Art Lessons





$ Saterna Music Publishing $





Health, Safety & Fire Prevention

Clue in to Safety (Blue's Clues)

Sparky - NFPA



Physical Education

PE Central The Web Site for Physical Education Teachers



Home Economics & Gardening

Welcome to KidsGardening!





Sites for Kids & Parents

Kids Town: HS Magazine By Kids-For Kids

Sesame Workshop

Arkansas Homeschooling Moms

Kids Quest

Family Education Network


Kids Domain


Fun-Attic Activity Guide


Nifty Nibbles

Games & Activities
Love You Forever    


Museums, Parks & Field Trips

Smithsonian Institute

National Park Service

Franklin Institute

The Ultimate Field Trip Resource

Pennsylvania Destination of the Day


Encyclopedia & Reference Books

THOMAS: Library of Congress

World Book


Encyclopedia Britannica

Roget's Thesaurus

Bartlett's Quotations

Merriam-Webster OnLine

Strunk's Elements of Style


Magazines & Television

Spectrum Home & School Magazine

Discovery Channel School 


National Geographic

A&E Classroom

PBS Online

Ranger Rick (coming soon?)

A & E


Odyssey Magazine




Miscellaneous Sites

Socialization of Home School Children

Bev Eakman

Logic Newsletter


Alan Keyes Speech to Home Educators


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National Education Association (NEA)

American Federation of Teachers

PA State Education Association


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