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Welcome to the Charles Gordon Wagner Jr. Family Home Page. In these pages you'll find links to many of our favorite websites. But first, a little about the Wagner Family...

Jacob Wagner Sr. & Jacob Wagner Jr. emigrated to America from Ellmendingen, Germany to Philadelphia on the Friendship in 1738. Jacob Jr. became a pioneer settler and a community leader in Lehigh County. The Wagner's and their kin fought in the Revolution, the Civil War and every war since. Jacob Jr.'s nephew and brother-in-law also participated in the Fries Rebellion against President John Adams and the Federal Government. The Fries Rebellion (or Hot Water War) was a protest against a federal house-tax. The Rebellion was defeated but the house-tax was repealed. Apparently the Wagners have been advocates for a limited government for a long time! After the Fries Rebellion, the Wagners moved to the Mahantongo area of Schuylkill, Dauphin and Northumberland Counties. In the Civil War, both Daniel and his son Johann (John Z) fought for the Union. Johann was part of the 55th PA Regiment. On March 23, 1864 the 55th PA had about 1,250 men. By September 28, 1864, the Regiment numbered only 72.

My forefathers
Nicholas Wagner Sr. 1645 1740 Lived to the age of 95!
Nicholas Wagner Jr. 1663 1744 Last of the Wagners to remain in Germany.
Jacob Wagner Sr. 1693 1754 Emigrated to America in 1738 with his wife and his five children.
Jacob Wagner Jr. 1725 1802 Fought in the American Revolution. (grave)
Johannes Wagner Sr. 1763 ?? First Wagner born in America. A weaver by trade, and a farmer.
Johannes Wagner Jr. 1792 ??
Daniel Wagner 1820 ?? Fought in DC and Maryland. Union Army, Co. K, 172nd Regiment.
Johann (John) Zartman Wagner 1841 1929 Fought in South Carolina. Union Army, Co. E, 55th Regiment.
William Wagner 1885 1967 Farmer by trade.
Gordon Albert Wagner 1916 1984 Miner by trade. Helped build the Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels.
Charles Gordon Wagner Sr. 1946 -- Dad fought in Viet Nam.
Charles Gordon Wagner Jr. 1969 -- Me
Nicholas Christopher 1986 -- Eldest son. Born May 21, 1986.
Charles Gordon III 1997 -- Number 2 son. Born February 10, 1997.
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